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Welcome to the homepage of Warriorman's wrestling tapes!  Check out the different sections.  I also have access to a lot of videos not listed here, so if there's *anything* in particular you're looking for that you think I might have, go ahead and ask.  At this point the tapes available are severely limited to the Big Two, but my collection is *constantly* expanding, so be sure to check back.  References are available to those who require them. 


July 16, 2004.

Hello.  This is the first update I've made to this page in probably three years.   It's been that long since I've decided to stop selling these tapes, and let them collect dust in my cabinet.  For some reason, which I can't seem to place, a lot of people have been emailing me just recently (within the last 2 months) asking to order tapes... which I don't do anymore.  I apologize for the inconvenience of this, but my lack of attention to wrestling and my busy-ness with school don't allow me to keep this up. 

In the weeks to come I'll be selling my entire wrestling tape collection on eBay.  This will be a collection of well over one hundred VHS tapes of wrestling events either recorded off of television or dubbed from another video cassette.  The majority of them are labeled, but many are not.  This is a great opportunity for wrestling fans to add to their collection of footage.  You can see most of what this collection contains by browsing this website. 

If you want to be notified when I put this auction up, please feel free to email me with the subject line "Wrestling Tapes."  I'd encourage the winner, if he/she is willing, to share the footage inexpensively with other avid wrestling fans looking for rare and memorable moments.   I also encourage you to visit my current website, www.areyouready.cc.   This is my urgent and sincere message to the world about Jesus Christ.  It doesn't take long to look at, so check it out.

Jeff Coykendall