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These are the videos I’m currently trading for. I prefer to trade tape for tape, with not more than one event per tape unless otherwise agreed upon, in the fastest recording speed available for the length of the tape (most often Long Play (LP) mode).


WWF Summer Slam (1990)

ECW Pay Per Views & Commercial Tapes (1st gen or EVQ 2nd gen

WWF Royal Rumble (1995)

WCW Clash of the Champions (Janurary 1996)

WCW Monday Nitro (September 1, 1997)

Raws the Hart Foundation from 1997

WWF Superstars and Saturday Night Main Events featuring the Ultimate Warrior


WCCW Von Erich Ringside Compilation (or any tape featuring Kerry Von Erich winning the NWA title in 1984)

Footage featuring the Dingo Warrior or the Bladerunners

WCW Licensed Hollywood Hogan Skull T-Shirt L-XXL

Transformers Optimus Prime Figure

Playstation DEX DRIVE (or Memory Cards)

A/V Switchbox


When trading I prefer not more than two generations, but if the video is watchable without any consistent or constant distortions I’ll live.   Other rules that I guess should be posted (although I feel should be understood) is that new, reputable brand tapes (Sony, JVC, Fuji, Maxell) are used.  I will *always* be upfront with anyone I'm doing business with, and I appreciate that you do the same.   If you'd like to work out a trade contact me: 

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